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The Art of Co-Creation through Yoga-Art-Music

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I am just now realizing my own human potential as a woman. Health issues combined with an emotionally destructive divorce left me paralyzed. Fear of the unknown - who am I without someone to love. How will I raise my son's as a single parent? So many doubts, questions and fears to sort through one by one. My assumption was that I was worthless and useless without the love of my spouse/mate/lover. Thank goodness father time does heal all wounds.

I believe true change comes from within. I try daily to exhibit the changes I have found positive and productive through a series of communication channels, beginning with my own thoughts & words. Taking judgment out of my vocabulary and working to find solutions for destructive behavioral patterns.

I'm passionate about:

Change – Growth – Independence – Interdependence - Oneness I believe, as those before me that “love” is the answer. Love thyself through: ! Healthy lifestyle changes --> YOGA ! Continued Mental/Physical/Spiritual Growth ! An Openness - Fearlessness to Sharing & Receiving ! Reviewing/Exploring/Implementing/Discarding what each day brings with a childlike innocence gently shaped with increased & timeless wisdom. Love thy Neighbor through: ! Seeing through a mother eyes-those of non-judgmental, faith filled, loving eyes! ! Prayerfully doing what needs to be done. Life provides the opportunities, we make the choices, and the wind carries it away. ! Share yourself with the universe – don’t be stingy. The world needs LOVE.

Now the rest of the story...
I am a human, daughter, woman, sister, mother, friend, lover. I have traveled and been stationary. Teacher & student simultaneously. I have lived, loved, laughed, cried, screamed, been alone and had the pleasure of feeling the molecular universal hug from God and the universe and KNOWING I am never alone!

As a breast cancer survivor, I was forced to confront the enemy - and to my own amazement, it was ME! Re-evaluation on my entire life began with the introduction of Yoga and its philosophies and a reconnection with the GO(o)D. From that discovery point I have begun taking my infant steps back into the arms of a "welcoming humanity!"